Michelle Norris

Michelle Norris is a photographer and creative director based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

She is half of the creative team Tropico Photo

Color inspires her to create new worlds and to capture the one around her


Featured by Ball Pit Mag, Conde Nast Traveler, Common Creativ ATL, Daily Mail, Feature Shoot,

Flavorwire, Lens Culture, Particulr, Urban Outfitters Blog

Appears in D - La Repubblica, Milk, NEON, The Oxford American, SUITCASE Magazine

Clients include Atlanta Magazine, CNN, Haerfest, Handmade Charlotte, Malvi Mallow,

Neck Shirt, The New York Times,  Paper & Stitch, Queen of Cream, Red Bull, Samsung,

Secret Catalog, St. Beauty, Thread Caravan, Warby Parker


instagram // tropicophoto

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